Communication: TagAdA on the Web!

Main places

Here are a few links to places actively used for communication about the project.

Official website and official blog

We should post a new entry to the blog at least once every two months and at most twice a month.

Twitter account

We can tweet pretty often, but at most once a day.

Facebook page

We should communicate on Facebook as often as on our blog.

Note: This page suggests that Facebook pages can be better than Facebook groups, in particular because search engines can crawl them. Therefore, we decided to use essentially the Facebook page, and move the Facebook group to Other places.

Youtube channel

We only use our Youtube channel to post videos we make (either real videos, or screencasts). The Youtube videos are then used in our blog to embed videos within the blog posts for Internet Explorer, which is the only popular web browser that doesn't support the HTML5 video tag, which we use for all other browsers.

This Youtube account is tied to a Google Account we created for contact@….


We also have two mailing-lists.

Note: If you're not logged in, the e-mail addresses appear truncated. You just need to append our domain name, tagada.me, right after the @ symbol.

Public mailing-list

  • The mailing-list tagada@… is for announcements to our users.
  • More information here.
  • We should post a new mail in this mailing-list only for big releases and big changes concerning where the project is heading to.

Contributor's mailing-list

  • The mailing-list tagada-devel@… is a place where contributors can discuss about any subject related to the project.
  • More information here.

IRC Channel

Lastly, we also have an IRC Channel: #tagada on irc.freenode.net.

Other places

The following links correspond to places where the name tagada is reserved for us, but we only use those to link to our official website.


Before the first release, we must go to all these places and put all the information needed.

Most of the content on this page is the conclusion to discussions we were having about opening us to the world.

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