One of the biggest goals for TagAdA is to make it a cross-platform software. We'll discuss here the implications of this giving some general guidelines.

Huge constraint

While it can be a nice thing a priori, it's actually a huge constraint.

However, we simply don't want to create a software full of compromises, taking the least amount of features that we can implement in the same way for the three main platforms we target, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, which is what usually happens when you set for yourself such a goal.

Platform specific technologies usage

Instead, we believe we can build a really good cross-platform software while taking advantage of some platform specific technologies that can have a real impact in the quality of the software; for example, using some platform specific technologies to enhance the integration with the platform is perfectly acceptable.

This implies of course that we accept the idea of the software working in a slightly different way across platforms, but we should try to keep it fairly similar, to make it easier for users of TagAdA for one platform to use it on another. It's a matter of finding the right balance. Indeed, when we do decide to use some platform specific technology, it means that work will need to be done again for the other platforms.

Operating System versions support

For Windows and Mac OS X, we want to support at any time the last two major versions of the operating system.

For Linux, we want to support at any time the last LTS (Long Term Support) version of Ubuntu, as well as the latest normal version.

Note that when we say major version, as a general rule, we assume the operating system of that major version is fully updated using the built-in updates tools for the system (for example, with all Service Packs, bug-fixes, additional software installed by Windows Update or Microsoft Update for a certain major version of Windows, and with all point-updates of Mac OS X and all other software updates installed using Software Update).

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