Setup the Development Environment

You'll find here how to setup your machine to start developing for TagAdA, for the three main platforms we support:

On Windows


On Mac OS X

General requirements

  • A Mac with an Intel processor (preferably 64-bit capable).
  • Snow Leopard installed.
  • Apple Developer Tools installed.

Other one-shot requirements


Install the Qt libraries. We currently support Qt 4.6.3. Be sure to install the Cocoa version of the libraries, which is not currently the default one.

Optional: Install our custom Documentation Set for Qt 4.6.3 for Xcode 3.2; just create the directory ~/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets, and copy the DocSet to that directory.

You can find more information on this in Integrate Qt Documentation into Xcode.


You need to install the BWToolkit Interface Builder plug-in:

  • Create the directory /Developer/Library/Interface Builder/Plug-ins.
  • Find our current BWToolkit package; it's the .tar.bz2 file that doesn't have Framework in its filename. Uncompress it, and find the .ibplugin file. Drag it to the directory /Developer/Library/Interface Builder/Plug-ins.
  • Double-click on /Developer/Library/Interface Builder/Plug-ins/BWToolkit.ibplugin; Interface Builder will launch. You can quit it right after.

Other per-working-copy requirements

Just execute the two following commands:

% svn checkout https://svn.tagada.me/trunk TagAdA
% TagAdA/Tools/setup-tagada-dev-environment-mac

Don't forget to customize the contents of your localvars.h file, and you're all set!

On Linux


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