In one sentence, our goal is to create an easy to use, cross-platform application to help manage music files along with their tags.

Here are some more details on some other goals we have with TagAdA.

For the application

This application should:

  • be cross‐platform;
  • be modular enough to support several formats;
  • support manipulation of songs in all kinds of languages, even languages such as Japanese or Hebrew;
  • provide advanced functionalities and options for correct batch processing;
  • have a very appealing look and feel, as well as a great integration? with the Operating System;
  • be Open Source.

We want to create an application that we would use ourselves. That's actually why we work on TagAdA.

Important note: TagAdA is not meant to be a music player or anything of that sort. It's just meant to help you organize your music. In other words, we do not compete with applications such as Windows Media Player, iTunes or Amarok.

For us

We do not want TagAdA to just be a software development project. We also want to embrace the community side of things that usually goes along with open source projects. In particular, here are some of the less technical goals we have for us while working on TagAdA:

  • learn new things;
  • work with talented and fun people on a long term project;
  • build some sort of community around the project, even if it stays small;
  • be some sort of playground for experimenting new technologies (provided they can benefit the project);
  • write the best code we can, thus potentially creating a free and open source repository for sample code.
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