Open Source

Giving back to the community

We like open source software, and we'd like to give something back to the community by making TagAdA open source. But we would also like it very much if anyone with good ideas would want to contribute something back to the project. We just think the open source model is perfect for TagAdA.

No free software extremists here

However, we want TagAdA to be the best software possible for the end user, even if it implies supporting some file formats that are not free. Also, we won't limit ourselves to open source software to create documents related to the project; for example, if someone wants to use iWork instead of OpenOffice.org for the project, that's fine; we just want him to provide exports in more widely available formats, like PDF.

But we are very careful about software licenses infringement, and we will simply try to make sure we comply with the licenses of whatever code or libraries we use.

What is open source in TagAdA?

We only guarantee that the software itself is and will remain open source.

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