Early days

TagAdA started as a small command line tool Joel created while he was doing an internship in a hotel in Japan, in August 2007: after work, Joel would juste code for one or two weeks on the very first version of TagAdA, which was written and Python, and used the Mutagen tagging library. It was supposed to do a better job at tagging correctly music files than other tools; in particular, it was fairly difficult to find tools that worked correctly with unicode characters, and of course, what do you get in Japan: Japanese music!

Just for reference, we put that code in our repository, at: very first version of TagAdA.

TagAdA's rebirth

That version of TagAdA stayed as it was, a little over one year later, Joel found some other people who wanted to have such a tool, provided it was easy to use and cross platform. That's how, in October 2008, we started working seriously on TagAdA as you know it now, as a software engineering project for school.

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