Public Information: How to write about TagAdA?

Here are some guidelines for whoever wants to write about TagAdA. This is not meant to be extremely rigid, it's just a couple of guidelines, to make sure that our communication about TagAdA is clear and consistent.

Note to contributors: All the information on this page could change at any time; we just need to discuss the proposed change on the development mailing-list first.

Common Information

  • Name: TagAdA
  • Full name: TagAdA: Tagging Advanced Application
  • Slogan: Take control over your music library!
  • Description: TagAdA lets you manage the tags inside your music files and organize them on your disk, in a nice and intuitive interface.
  • Logo: See download section in the logo page.
  • Website: http://www.tagada.me/

Note: When writing TagAdA, the case is very important: only the initial T and the two last A letters are capitals.

Also note that when written right next to its logo, the word TagAdA should preferably be written using the font Handwriting - Dakota.

Typically, all the above information should be used when creating an account for the project on an external website.

Other Information

Optionally, you might be asked some other things. Here are some of the answers to those less common questions.

  • Goal in one sentence: Create an easy to use, cross-platform application to help manage music files along with their tags.
  • Targeted audience: Music lovers who want their music library perfectly organized without any effort.
  • Type of users: End users/Desktop
  • Start date: October 2008
  • Place of birth: Paris, France
  • License: Apache License Version 2.0
  • Copyright: The TagAdA Team
  • Graphical Toolkits: Qt for Windows and Linux, Cocoa for Mac OS X
  • Programming languages: C++ and Objective-C 2.0
  • Presence on the web: See how we organize our communication.
  • Tags/Keywords: software music cross-platform open-source tag masstagging massrenaming batchprocessing flac id3 ogg qt4 cocoa c++ objective-c
  • Hosting: See where TagAdA is hosted.
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